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What is Play Attune?

Play Attune is about providing parents and professionals practical play activities and resources focused on enhancing children's social and emotional skills.

We believe children develop these valuable life skills through meaningful relationships and experiences. Our simple goal is to create and provide content that are practical to access and implement.

All activities and resources are created from the experience of a child and family psychotherapist, with an integrated perspective on child development, psychology and social relationships.

Play is essential but play with purpose is transformative


Hi! I am the creator of Play Attune. I am a proud father and a child development specialist. I am very passionate about improving children's lives through their social environment, family and of course, through play!

For the past 10 years working directly with children and families, I saw how effective play was for not only resolving emotional/behavioral issues and improving child-family relationships, but on developing social and emotional skills.

I created Play Attune with the intent to provide resources that aim to enhance these skills for children's emotional wellness. My goal is to share what works with as many people I can, well beyond those I can reach in person.

I welcome you to join me on this journey by providing your input and ideas!

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